National population Education Project

The following co-curricular activities were conducted in Demonstration School RIE, NCERT under National Population Education Project (NPEP) for the session 2018 -19.

  • National level poster competition for IX and XII students.

  • National Level Folk dance competitions for VIII and IX

  • National Level Role Play competitions for IX.

For folk dance and role play competitions students were selected for three categories as first, second, and third. The group who got first place in Role play and folk dance were sent to Delhi for national level competitions, where we achieved first place in Role Play and second in Folk dance.    

  • Survey conducted to study ‘Test of Awareness about Substance Abuse’ (TASA) and ‘Attitude towards Substance Abuse Scale’ (ASAS).

  • Question Box activity: Question box activity were conducted to find out students query for changes they face in adolescence age. In this activity students were asked to write their questions about physical, emotional and other changes and challenges they are facing in their life.

Play: Play were organized for students from VIII to XII. The purpose of the play was to address adolescence issues.  Play titled ‘Stage Chemistry: Neuro-Psychiatric Disorders on Stage’ were performed by Dr. R. Purnima Director of Children’s Literary Club Mysuru and her group.