Beyond Academics


For the first time in the history of National Council of Educational Research and Training, the students of four Demonstration Schools met in Mysuru during December 1982. This was an opportunity given to all the four schools to exhibit their talents on a common platform and exchange their views. Since then, INDEM, i.e., Inter Demonstration School Meet has become popular and children of the four schools show their eagerness and preparedness to take part in this meet. We have been improvising and reforming our strategies and insights to reach the national goal of appreciating 'Unity in Diversity'.
The philosophy of INDEM is National Integration through sports, literary and cultural activities. Children from different regions of India nurtured in four Demonstration Schools, (each school with a different cultural, linguistic and social backgrounds) find a common platform to share and enjoy the rich and common cultural heritage of this great country.


Objectives of INDEM:

While organizing the meet the following objectives have been kept in mind and programmers have been designed to realize these objectives.

To enable the participants of four DM Schools to:

  • Meet in a common place, exchange and appreciate the different cultural and social patterns.

  • Develop a sense of national and emotional integration indispensable for the welfare of the country.

  • Realize the importance of living together and working together for a common cause.

  • Understand the physical, social and cultural importance of the four regions where DM Schools are located
    INDEM will be conducted in BHUBNAESHWAR in 2019.



School trips leave a great impact in the minds of the students, which allow students to rely on themselves and take responsibility and enjoy the activities of the trip.  The school trips are not only meant for recreation it also provides Cognitive and affective learning through the class visits to out-of-school settings. It serves best as opportunities for exploration, discovery, first-hand and original experiences to the school learners.

DMS organises one day excursion to different places every year in the month of August and September for the students of all grades from class LKG to XII standard. During this, the teachers interact with the students about the places they visit and its specialties.  



A student council is constituted as a co-scholastic activity of the school in order to facilitate the participation of students in the school affairs. The main aim of student council is to mould the students into responsible citizen and to develop positive democratic values. It is to create a forum to hear the needs of the students.

 Structure of student council:

Head Boy


Students from classes IX to XII

Head Girl


Students from classes IX to XII

Class representatives are elected from class VI to XII

The Head Boy and Head Girl will be elected by the students from classes VI to XII. The class representatives are elected by the students of each section of the class.

Once the council is constituted, the class representatives will elect the leaders for sports. Cultural and literary activities


National population Education Project

The following co-curricular activities were conducted in Demonstration School RIE, NCERT under National Population Education Project (NPEP) for the session 2018 -19.

  • National level poster competition for IX and XII students.

  • National Level Folk dance competitions for VIII and IX

  • National Level Role Play competitions for IX.

For folk dance and role play competitions students were selected for three categories as first, second, and third. The group who got first place in Role play and folk dance were sent to Delhi for national level competitions, where we achieved first place in Role Play and second in Folk dance.    

  • Survey conducted to study ‘Test of Awareness about Substance Abuse’ (TASA) and ‘Attitude towards Substance Abuse Scale’ (ASAS).

  • Question Box activity: Question box activity were conducted to find out students query for changes they face in adolescence age. In this activity students were asked to write their questions about physical, emotional and other changes and challenges they are facing in their life.

Play: Play were organized for students from VIII to XII. The purpose of the play was to address adolescence issues.  Play titled ‘Stage Chemistry: Neuro-Psychiatric Disorders on Stage’ were performed by Dr. R. Purnima Director of Children’s Literary Club Mysuru and her group.


NCC Army Wing

  • NCC One of the largest uniformed youth organization under Ministry of Defense is engaged in the noble cause of grooming the future leaders of India. It is engaged in inculcating in the young minds the ideals of patriotisim, selfless service, courage, leadership and spirit of adventure.

  • Our school has been allotted with Army wing NCC Troop of 100 Cadets and Functional in all respect under 13 KAR BN NCC and KAR Girls BN NCC.

  • In the month of July Cadets will be enrolled on selection basis there will be 20 NCC Parades conducted during the academic year. A ten days camp will be conducted and it is mandatory for every student to attend atleast one camp in their two year training period. The Cadets enrolled for Consecutive years who have successfully completed two years training is eligible and write ‘A’  certificate examinations.


Associate NCC Officers are in charge of NCC Activities.
1. Mr. S. T. Singh
2. Mrs. Dr. Mangala B Ram.